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Browse through a list of highly curated properties with. All of the properties listed undergo stringent due diligence and have a high appreciation potential.

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Decide on how much % of the selected property you want to own and invest only a fraction of the total sum. You become a #FractionalOwner !



Monitor progress of your investments and earnings via an investor dashboard, while we handle all hassles of buying, selling, and managing the property


View Properties that are being funded currently or upcoming.

Palghar Greenwoods
Phase 3 Development

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Why #FractionalOwnership is the future of safe, high-return investments

Small investment, Large returns

Indians love property, and it is a great asset to invest in. But investing in real estate typically requires huge amounts of money, locking out most investors. That is until now...
We are enabling Indian investors to enjoy superior returns of Real Estate, while investing amounts as little as 1 Lakh.

No burden of loans

No more paying EMI's all your life. If you take a loan to invest in real estate, the interest you pay on the loan kills the appreciation of the property

Directly own a Chunk !

By investing in one of our campaigns, you become an official partner/shareholder of a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV). The property is purchased in the Name of this SPV, which means you have direct ownership of assets you invest in.

Professionally managed

We focus on managing your property, so that you can focus on your life. We handle everything - right from due diligence of the property and builder, buying real estate, collecting and scrutinizing all documents like sale agreement, formation of SPV, management of payments, duties, taxes, and finally selling off the property


What people are saying about us.

  • Kunal Dhuri, Banker

    PropChunk provides me with a great alternative investment to diversify my portfolio. The returns are way better as compared to other financial instruments and the transactions are transparent. Looking forward to more investments in the future!

  • TRM Nayar, LIC Agent

    What I loved about PropChunk was the ability to invest with very small amounts in projects of my choice. All the details were explained in a simple and transparent fashion. Where else can I invest as little as 3 Lakhs and get a 20% return. And all of this in a blue chip area! Wish all property investing was as simple as this.


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You don't become rich by saving, you become rich by investing. With our curated deals in growing geographies, you can be a property owner too.

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