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VBHC Greenwoods Palghar

The funds are being raised for the purchase of a 1-BHK flat at VBHC, Palghar(E).






18% to 22%
Projected Return

24 months
Hold Period

1 Lakh
Minimum Investment

15 Lakhs
Maximum Investment

Offer Details

Understand the cost split-up, how you investments will be utilized, how investor protection is ensured, and how appreciations are calculated

The Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) sets out the expected cost of the flat and how the Development costs will be funded. Construction and Development cost estimations have been provided by the Development manager based upon their previous experience and available information, apart from mentioning any and every detail about the property, deal flow, SPV structures, documentation, investor protection, etc.

  • You will get a copy of Product Disclosure Statement (PDS)/Offer Document, our official document enlisting all details about this Fractional Ownership campaign.

    * Note: this is a No Obligation Expression of interest, you get to review the document before making any decisions

Location and Demography

A representation of locality an demographics of the property

As of 2011 India census, Palghar had a population of 68,930 Males constitute 36,523 i.e. 52.9% of the population and females 32,407 i.e. 47.1% of the population. Palghar has an average literacy rate of 77.52%, higher than the national average of 59.5%: male literacy is 81.2%, and female literacy is 73.35%. In Palghar, 11.8% of the population is under 6 years of age. The site is located at Phase 3, VBHC GreenWoods, Palghar District which is 4 kms from Palghar railway station, 7 kms from Umroli station. It is also near to St. John’s college, school, and proposed Delhi-Mumbai Industrial corridor.

For a town its size, Palghar is surprisingly cosmopolitan. Being a border town between Gujarat and Maharashtra and being close to Mumbai, it has a good percentage of population of people from other parts of country besides Maharashtra and Gujarat like Rajasthan, Kerala and North India. The site is well within the prestigious St. John’s Engineering College which ranks as one of the best Engineering colleges in Mumbai outskirts. VBHC’s Palghar project and surrounding properties have been known to fetch a significant premium among investors due to its desirable location. Palghar also got converted into a district recently and it is a connecting district between Mumbai and Gujarat.

The site is close to two railway stations and is surrounded by various parks. Most of the rich landlords of Palghar made their money trading grass to the dairies in Mumbai. Grass trading is a major occupation of many families in Palghar. The town is also close to an industrial complex, located at Boisar and India's first nuclear power plant, located at Tarapur. Industrialization is gradually changing the face of Palghar. The town is getting a make-over of sorts due to Industrialization. Palghar's youth is getting employment in the small scale and medium scale industries coming up in and around the area. In the olden days agriculture was one of the main source of livelihood, but industrialization has opened up new avenues for them. With space and infrastructure constraints in Mumbai proper, Vasai, Boisar - Palghar proves to be the leading avenue in Western suburbs for setting up new industry / expansion purposes.

Deal Process

A simplified representation of how this deal will work out

A Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) will be established by the Chunk Technologies Pvt. Ltd. to undertake the cost of Development in a Phase 3 of VBHC in Palghar East. The SPV has the rights to purchase and sell the land.

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Terms and Conditions

  1. We accept investments on first come first serve basis
  2. Investments in this Palghar project will close on August 31, 2016.
  3. If you want to reserve your slot, get in touch and express your interest on or before July 31, 2016.
  4. Risk Disclosure: Should the Project incur cost overruns, not be completed, and generally fall into disrepair, the Construction Lender will be entitled to sell the Land as mortgagee in possession to recover its debt. Should this occur some or all of funds invested under this investment may be lost.
  5. The Project may fail to be completed on time and within budget. The builder appointed to the Project may default in which case a new builder will be required to complete the Project, incurring additional costs. The Developer will undertake development of the Project and as such will be required to comply with a number of statutory authorities including council approvals and consents, taxation issues, building contracts, project managers, Construction Lenders and the like. There is a risk that the end value of the flat may be less than current market value and the projected profits as shown in this Offering may not be achieved in part or in full.
  6. There is no established secondary market (e.g. stock exchange) for these Interests. You should treat your investment as illiquid and being in place for the full term.